Password Problems

If users are unable to access their panels, it may be because:

1. Their password is incorrect.

2. They have mistyped the password: the format of passwords distinguishes between upper case and lower case letters (capitals and normal). It is essential to type in all the characters correctly or else the password must be reset.

3. They are using as their username an e-mail address that is different from the one used when registering. In this case, even if they try to reset the password, the system will not do so because it does not recognize the username.

Access denied

1. The session has lapsed (we have currently reduced the session duration to the minimum recommendable for good security)

2. They left the control panel without logging out first (when they return to the session, it will be blocked for security reasons).
- They will have to logout and then log in again
- They can try to close down their browser and then re-try a few minutes later.

A project becomes blocked or it is impossible to validate it

- If the user has validated aproject,then the only way to unblock it is:

1. for the user to report the project’s ID
2.for the admin to go to the management panel and unblock it with the new panel tool.

If the attempt to validate fails, it is because:

1. Additional information is necessary

Username not saved

1. Because the fields have not been filled in correctly

2. Because the numerical fields contain charactersin another format (telephone)

3. Because the user did not click on the Save or Accept button


Problems uploading photos

1. The browser is using an old version (4-5 when the current one is 10)

2. The photographs exceed the size defined.