Between March 15th and June 28th, 2013, suggestions are invited for the 1st edition of the “BigMat ’13 International Architecture Award”, an event organized by the BigMat International Group, the first international chain of independent traders for construction materials.

The BigMat Group was created in 1981 with the aim of bringing together companies from different countries in Europe through a business formula for their mutual aggregation and co-operation. The group’s growth has been based on four main features:

  • Entrepreneurial independence
  • Drive for Excellence
  • Co-operative abilities and interchange of experience
  • Proximity and closeness to the client

The BigMat brand, with over 800 outlets in Europe, distributed across five countries, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic and the Walloon and Brussels City areas of Belgium, has a global turnover of more than 2 billion euros and focuses particularly on the entire construction sector. BigMat is always ready to help in the process of executing an architectural project by providing construction materials and placing special emphasis on professional advice.

The group, which has accompanied this sector and participates directly with advice and assistance in renovation or construction processes despite the current severe economic downturn, has a strong commitment to contemporary society. This attitude has been manifested through proposals to change the urban fabric of cities, sustainable development, social housing or improvements in the living conditions of housing. The group firmly believes in the crucial role of prescribers and their strong impact on this transformation.

For all these reasons stems our interest in organizing the “BigMat ’13 International Architecture Award”, aimed at acknowledging excellence in architecture, thus favouring dialogue between the various elements participating in the architecture sector, to benefit high-quality construction. Attention will focus on those architectural works with a major contribution to contemporary architectural culture through particular sensitivity in these works in terms of their dialogue with atemporal issues in the history of architecture, as well as in their relationship with energy efficiency parameters, sustainable construction and the search for greater comfort wherever people live.

The competition is open to architects with a professional office in any of the five countries taking part (Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic and the Walloon and Brussels City regions of Belgium) and whose works have been constructed in these territories. Only works built between January 1st, 2005, and January 1st, 2013, are eligible for the award. All participating architects will have the chance to compete before a panel of internationally renowned judges charged with designating the winner of the BigMat ’13 International Grand Prize, as well as the four National BigMat ’13 Awards and ten finalists. The prize list also includes a Special Mention for Young Architects, to be awarded for architectural projects built by an architect of less than 40 years oldat the date the work was completed.

The registration period will run from March 15th until June 28th, 2013, with the closing event and awards ceremony being held on Friday, November 22nd, 2013, on the occasion of the Annual Congress of the BigMat International Group, which will take place in Granada, Spain.

All information about the BigMat Awards can be obtained by visiting the outlet of the BigMat Group closest to you in each country. All official communications about the BigMat Group’s International Architecture Award will be published on this web site.

BigMat, the first international chain of independent traders for construction materials