BigMat International Architecture Award’21 Finalists revealed

Discover the 14 finalist projects from the over 1000 entries submitted to this year’s edition. Seven Finalists, six National Prizes and a 30,000€ worth Grand Prize will be appointed in the upcoming awards ceremony in Paris.

This year, the 5th edition of the BigMat International Architecture Award’21 focuses on small-scale projects to mark the 40th anniversary of the BigMat group, the leading international brand of independent construction material distributors. 

From among the 1,000-plus projects entered into the competition, the final meeting of award panellists held on 12 July at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid, comprising Adrien Verschuere, Pavol Panak, Alexandre Theriot, Nicola di Battista, Inês Lobo, Jesús Aparicio, awards chairman, and Jesús Donaire, acting as secretary, short-listed the projects to compete in Paris for the Grand Prize and for the national and finalist prizes for Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain.

In the words of Jesús Aparicio, awards chairman, “The BigMat International Architecture Award’21 has demonstrated the extraordinary pedigree of European architecture and has been a huge success, not only for the record number of projects entered, but also for their quality, covering a broad spectrum of scales and architectural approaches, from ephemeral projects to major urban developments.”

The award ceremony will take place in Paris on Friday, 12 November, at Pavillon Cambon, and will be part of the international congress of the BigMat Group, where all the brand’s partners will gather to celebrate 40 years of BigMat in Europe.

The complete list of short-listed projects is as follows:

Hangar à Sel by GoffartPolomè Architectes
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Belgium

Hangar à Sel, GoffartPolomè Architectes © Antoine Richez

Melopee School by XDGA – Xaveer De Geyter Architects
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Belgium

Melopee School, XDGA – Xaveer De Geyter Architects © Maxime Delvaux

PragueEyes by Petr Janda / Brainwork
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Czech Republic

PragueEyes, Petr Janda/Brainwork © BoysPlayNice

White Shed by ATELIER 111 architektis.r.o.
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Czech Republic

White Shed ATELIER 111 architektis.r.o. © Alex Shoots Buildings

Kervalet by Exercice
BigMat ’21 Finalist for France

Kervalet, Exercice © Exercice

MaillonTheater by LAN (Local Architecture Network)
BigMat ’21 Finalist for France

Théâtre du Maillon Strasbourg, LAN © Charly Broyez

Panta Rei Beach by Toffoli Architetti
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Italy

Panta Rei Beach Toffoli Architetti © Iacopo Pasqui

Pirelli Learning Center by Onsitestudio srl
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Italy

Pirelli Learning Center, Onsitestudio srl © Filippo Romano, Helene Binet

Bar & Pavilion in Belém by Bak Gordon Arquitectos
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Portugal

Bar & Pavilion in Belém, Bak Gordon Arquitectos © Francisco Nogueira

LisbonCruise Terminal by Carrilho da Graça Arquitectos
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Portugal

LisbonCruise Terminal, Carrilho da Graça Arquitectos © Fernado Guerra, Rita Burmester, Fábio Azevedo

New Park in Leopoldov by n-1
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Slovakia

New Park in Leopoldov, n-1 © JánKekeli (project photos), Jakub Kopec (original state)

New Synagogue by PLURAL
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Slovakia

New Synagogue, PLURAL © Daniela Dostálková, Katherine Thude

Casa O Fieiro by Estudio Arturo Franco
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Spain

Casa O Fieiro, Estudio Arturo Franco © Alfonso Quiroga

Viviendas Sociales en Cornellà by Peris + Toral Architectes
BigMat ’21 Finalist for Spain

Viviendas Sociales en Cornellà, Peris + Toral Architectes © José Hevia