BigMat Architecture Award’19 Ceremony and featured videos of the winning projects

Discover all the videos from the the 4th edition of the biennial BigMat Architecture Award, highlighting quality architectural production in Europe with more than 70.000€, distributed in 1 Grand Prize, 6 National Prizes and 7 Prizes for Finalists.

Out of a total of almost six hundred projects presented across the seven European countries taking part (Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain), the panel of judges chaired by Jesús Aparicio and comprising Stéphane Beel (Belgium), Petr Pelcak (Czech Republic + Slovakia), Philippe Prost (France), Paolo Zermani (Italy), Fuensanta Nieto (Portugal + Spain) and awards secretary Jesús Donaire, decided to award the BigMat International Grand Prize’19 to the Power Plant for the “FOZ TUA” DAM in Foz do Tua, Portugal, by Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

The whole of the winning projects are listed below:

BigMat International Grand Prize’19 (30,000 Euros)
Power Plant for the “FOZ TUA” DAM in Foz do Tua, Portugal, by Souto Moura Arquitectos S.A.

BigMat National Prize Belgium’19 (5,000 euros)
Refuge II: Temporary House in Nevele, Belgium, by Wim Goes Architectuur BVBA

BigMat National Prize Czech Republic’19 (5,000 euros)
Kindergarten NováRuda in Liberec, Czech Republic, by PETR STOLÍN ARCHITEKT s.r.o.

BigMat National Prize France’19 (5,000 euros)
The Chris Marker Student Residence in Paris, France, by Éric Lapierre Experience

BigMat National Prize Italy’19 (5,000 euros)
Belvedere per una persona / View for just one person in Rome, Italy, by Amanzio Farris Architetto

BigMat National Prize Slovakia’19 (5,000 euros)
Adaptation of the former factory Mlynica in Bratislava, Slovakia, by gutgut,s.r.o.

BigMat National Prize Spain’19 (5,000 euros)
IMPLUVIUM_Community Center in Reinosa in Reinosa, Spain, by RAW/deAbajoGarcia