„As Found. Experiments in Preservation“ exhibition at deSingel

„As Found. Experiments in Preservation“ focuses on the new relationship between contemporary design and heritage. Using experimental, groundbreaking, (inter)national examples, the exhibition explores the different positions that contemporary designers adopt in relation to existing buildings.

„Espaces Ferroviaires. 3 Post-Carbon Neighborhoods“ at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Pavillon de l’Arsenal presents the transformation of three former major railway sites in the capital —Jardin des Mécanos (in the 18th arrondissement), Hébert (18th), and Les Messageries (12th)— carried out by Espaces Ferroviaires, the French railway company Groupe SNCF’s urban development and real estate subsidiary.

BigMat International Architecture Award 2023: Jury Gathers in Madrid to Select Finalists

The BigMat International Architecture Award 2023 has received an overwhelming response, with over 850 entries showcasing architectural excellence across Europe. As anticipation builds, the esteemed jury is preparing to convene in Madrid for their crucial meeting in early July. They will carefully evaluate the submissions, considering criteria such as design innovation, functionality, sustainability, and contextual […]